It is composed of precious, extremely pure eudermic oils, cold pressed and without solvents:
Jojoba wax more “water soluble” of many triglycerides and rich in vitamin E;
Avocado oil with a strong restorative and re-epithelizing effect, particularly sebum-like and rich in vitamins, lecithin, unsaponifiable;
Borage oil rich in gamma-linilenic acid (EFA ) fatty acid that cannot be biosynthesized by the body;
Original rosehip oil from Chile, the prince of eudermic oils with proven anti-wrinkle properties;
Wheat germ oil rich in vitamin E, beta carotenoids and with excellent anti-wrinkle properties. eutrophic, restorative and nourishing;
Fat-soluble carrot extract which integrates the quantity of of provitamin A and has an antioxidant action, improving the of tone of the skin.

Contains high quality essential oils and functional against wrinkles:

Baremme lavender with toning and re-epithelizing effect;
Mysore sandalwood indicated for dry, fissured and chapped skin;
Neroli flowers known as a remedy for stretch marks, scars, delicate veins and indicated for sensitive skin and ripe.

Use Apply a few drops to a wet face and massage in a circular motion. Does not leave greasiness.