WELCOME to 6Biologico: if you are looking for products formulated with medicinal herbs which are harvested in the wild or from organic cultivations, crafted to respect your health and nature, without the addition of potentially harmful substances, you are in the right place. Here you can find natural phytocosmetic products for personal hygiene, face, body and hair care, natural remedies and much more.



"I have tried the Herbal Botulin and I think it's a fabulous product! In fact, my nurse here in the office told me today, that I look years younger. I will be in touch to order more as we need it."

Tammy, Millstone Medical, USA


"I’m really pleased with the service 6biologico offers. Marco is a great point of contact, helping us in every
step of the way creating and producing our own skin care product. It’s a relief for a starting label as ours to
know we can count on them for advice, help and high quality products."


Laura, The Netherlands