At 6biologico we formulate our products by using natural ingredients, which make up our balanced end products without the addition of any type of artificial or synthetic substance, or components derived from petroleum, parabens, silicone, paraffin or Vaseline, preservatives or synthetic fragrances, or artificial colorings. Our detergents do not contain SLS or SLES, surfactants which are harmful especially to the skin of children and the environment.

Biodegradability is almost total so as to respect to the environment.

The plants used are derived from organic farming or harvested spontaneously in the wild.

The colors used are all vegetable, and the preservative systems are naturally derived.

Even the fragrances are carefully chosen among the most tolerated.

Every ingredient is Cruelty Free, and no product is tested on animals.

The products thus formulated, besides being more compatible with our skin, have the great advantage of not being occlusive to the epidermis, the first cause of irritation and allergies.

VEGAN OK: All products are Vegan except those containing: Propolis, Pollen, Honey, Beeswax, and Snail Slime, the only animal based ingredients that we use, all of which do not harm the animal they come from.

For retailers interested in these products, however, but in Vegan form, we can modify the formulation by replacing the non-Vegan ingredient with another compatible one.