Our private label solutions are aimed at satisfying our clients expectations, clients that have specific requests and need our help in realizing their ideas.  This is why we maintain maximum flexibility when it comes to creating new formulations and try to limit as much as possible the Minimum Order Quantity for a first order.


The products are offered with a standard packaging (container and quantity in ml-fl.oz.) But we can provide options for variants, both for bottles and jars, with capsule or dispenser closures of various types,

We advise the customer on which packaging solution is more appropriate and compatible for use with the  chosen product.


MOQ and Formulation fees:

For use with a standard packaing solution, to be chosen among the ones we have in house, we can produce as little as 150 units per private label product.

For new formulations, to be able to create the first sample and register the product once it is accepted by the client, we ask for fee of €100 per new product, just to cover the costs.



The graphic design, the packaging and the web image are studied and implemented internally at 6biologico. This allows us to provide customers who request it with a customized products, from formulation, to microbiological testing, to packaging design and printing.